What to consider when getting a lease extension?

Extending the lease is not the difficult thing. You can request to extend your contract at any time. You can prolong your contract by following these steps.

· You have to consult to your freeholder. You can negotiate with the landlord quickly and can set the things up; this will save your time and also the money.

· You have to be aware because constitutional lease extensions advice remove the requirements to pay the ground rent. The Casual extensions will possibly include ground rent, which could make the contract a lot more exclusive to extend again in the future.

· You have to find a safe investments uk valuation evaluator. You need to find an assessment appraiser with a good indulgent of both the legislation and the local property market.

· Do your research, just ask your friends and speak to estate agents you have used earlier and searched the internet for someone you trusted.

· Make a formal offer. If the purchase of freehold by leaseholder didn’t admit your open offer, you would have to serve occupants’ notice and your lawyer will able to take care of this.

· If the owner does need a deposit, this will have to be paid within 14 days, so it’s significant to have this money available on time for student accommodation investment.